Oakland, CA based artist Wax Roof is a sonic healer. His music is not just a mirror for experience, but a remedy to its hardships. Lush visions are brought to you from a vantage point that could only be found up high, yet they are anchored with an undeniable groove that keeps you on the ground and moving forward. His name is a testament to the reinvention of self he has gone through as a musician who has had to find a means to create despite chronic pain.

When he was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Wax Roof had been a dedicated guitarist for years, going so far as to travel to Spain to study the guitar. After being rendered unable to play and feeling the void that guitar had left, he found a new and even more powerful means for expression, beat making.

"Wax" is to honor the vinyl paved path to musical rebirth he went through, and "Roof" is a reference to the song, "Up On the Roof". The song was caught during the pursuit of samples from a record by The Persuasions, and it summed up the idea he had only heard whispers of before. “The roof” describes a place of pure freedom found on the roof of an apartment building. "On the roof is the only place I know, where you just have to wish to make it so" Understanding that's what he was hoping to build while buried deep in the studio with a stack of records and a turntable, he donned the name and a mission to make this metaphoric place public property. The songs are meant to inspire and seduce, even for those of us who are struggling or ill. As his health and the world push on him, he pushes back twice as hard. He constructs his songs from samples and live performance. Layering them up and locking them in like the walls of a sonic refuge, building the song until it is strong enough to climb and take in the panorama from the roof top. His compositions have been featured in TI and Tiny the Family Hustle, Vice, Fader, Snap Judgement (#1 podcast, 2015), Pidgeons and Planes, Hip Hop DX, XXL, KQED and Soul Spasm. Currently based out of Oakland his most recent releases include work with stars such as Murs, Saba, Elujay, YMTK, Caleborate, Rexx Life Rajj and 1-OAK.